Guided Fishing Trips

Perfect weather, calm seas, a good boat and new equipment ... and in the evening frustrated looks at the full boxes of the neighbors in the filleting house. And I have done everything the way I read and heard about...

At often only one week holiday, such results will have a negative impact on the mood of course, you start to question yourself and lose sight of all the beautiful things around you. Though often it only needs a small correction regarding fishing location,fishing technique or bait selection!

With our professionally managed and at various needs of fishing adapted fishing tours, which by the way got more and more popular in recent years, we want to help you, let the days here become an unforgettable experience.

We offer the following tours:

Introductory Guiding
Guided Target Fishing
Sea Trout / Trout Guiding

Okay, the weather, we have to take it as it comes, but everything else we can influence ...