Introductory Guiding

Since the summer of 2011, we offer these guiding trips with great success to our guests. The guides themselves are thoroughbred anglers and well informed about the latest fishing grounds. They help with equipment and bait selection.

For these tours, the guide comes to you and the departure takes place with boats belonging to the accommodations.

You have the choice between these two options:

Novice/Introductory Guiding ca. 5 hours: 1,400.- NOK

Before the start of the tour there will be an instruction on how to use the sonar and the chartplotter as well as a short  introduction of the area. As you wish either the guide will steer the boat to the selected fishing places or he will advise you while you keep the boat on the right course by yourself.

Guiding for the Advanced ca. 7-8 hours: 1,900.- NOK

Tipps und tricks around map, sonar and GPS. . The proper assembly and bait for targeted fishing of different species.

To all tours applies, your wishes and imaginations are the base for our guides!

And after the catch...

If you wish we will show you how you can grade up your fishes to presentable filets. And if it doesn't work out for you, we'll take over the knife (and you decide how much it is worth to you...).