Sea Trout / Trout Guiding

Our sea trout season begins in March and goes depending on water temperature in the fjord until approximately mid June. With rising water temperatures, sea trouts leave the inshore waters and go to deeper quickwater. We pick you up from your accomodation by our van and drive to the possible fishing spots. Fishing will be from the shore with fine spin fishing tackle. Waders are not necessary.

The trout season (brook trout) begins in late June and lasts all summer well into autumn. We fish from the shore of several mountain lakes in the Fjellregion. Advances of up to one hour are normal. Therefore, sturdy shoes, a little fitness and water-repellent clothing are recommended. We fish there also with a fine spin fishing tackle. Baits will be spinner, flasher, wobbler and flies. Worms as bait are something like the a secret weapon, but unfortunately the procurement of the striper in Norway is more than troublesome. But perhaps there's still some space in the cooling box next to sausages?

And what could be better than letting the fishing day end in nature with a trout cooked over an open fire and a can beer.


We offer you these two options:

Guiding approx. 5 hours: 1.500.- NOK

Guiding approx. 8 hours: 2.000,- NOK